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  • 4. The signature magazine_November 2018 issue FAU SHINY PUMKIN AMPOULE 이경아/최민주 / 2018-11-22 FAU SHINY PUMKIN AMPOULEFAU SHINY PUMKIN AMPOULE is issued on The signature magazine_the November, 2018 issue which is one of the famous korean cosmetic magazine Top Secret of the healthy skin with a bottle of ampoule!About 70% of pumpkin's ingredient which is effective on making the skin better !FAU Ampoule is upgraded with Oligo Peptide This is great for Home Aesthetic product! because it's made of one care method from moisturizing till treating nourishmentTreating trouble skin and promoting to make the repaired skin betterAlso, it makes the skin to be elasticity, supplying protein Why don't you try FAU Ampoule ? Thank you! 
  • 3. HONG KONG COSMOPROF ASIA 이경아/최민주 / 2018-11-20 We were done with the 2018 Hong Kong Cosmoprof Asia! As you can see, a bunch of people from all over the world came to visit to this exhibition.This is Shiny Pumkin Line and Black Line such as B.B and Cushion displayed! :)Our employees had the business meeting with the international buyers from all around the world professionally. Our visitors were from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippins, Singapore, Russia, Slovakia, Indonesia, UK, US, India, Istrael, Kwait, Thailand etc.We will become FAU toward the world, doing our best.Thank you all who visited to our booth.
  • 2. FAU 2018 OSONG BEAUTY EXPO REVIEW 이경아/최민주 / 2018-10-31 2018 FAU OSONG COSMETICS BEAUTY INDUSTRY EXPO Hi guys~! It must be winter right? it's so chilly !! Be careful not to catch a cold!!We, FAU attended 2018 Osong Beauty Expo, from starting 23rd October till 27th. Espeically, the last day of the Osong Beauty Expo, many variety of global buyers and a bunch of customers visited to our booth. One of them said that she got FAU B.B. from Instagram and it was stunning!We had a lot of positive feedbacks after they tested FAU products at our booth.Another news!A korean comedian, Hyeonjeong Lee came here and gave us her autograph! Besides, we got a compliment of our product from her as well.Thank you for visiting and we are trying our best to give you better product.See you again!  
  • 1. FAU 2018 K-BEAUTY KOREA 이경아/최민주 / 2018-10-18 HERE WE COME 2018 KINTEX K-BEAUTY EXPO !Hello everyone, The other day, we attended 2018 Intercharm Beauty Expo and now we came to K-BEAUTY EXPO.It has been from 10.11 till 10.14It was much bigger than the Coex one. :DAs down below, it's our booth! You can see FAU products displayed lovely.Many various international buyers visited us, such as Russia, the US, Vietnam, Greece, Canada, Thailand, Germany, China, Taiwan, Mexico etc.Plus, a lot of buyers from China, Hongkong, and Taiwan would like to have a meeting with us, because FAU B.B and Cushion are already popular in their countries.Especially, Greek buyers had a big interest in our suncream products so that we're going to introduce FAU products to Europe, starting from Greece.In this exhibition, there was a kind of salon called 뷰박살롱, which is buyer can try many other products. They tried FAU B.B and Cushion and then gave us very positive feedbacks.Also, numerous korean buyers had tried our products through influencers on Social Media and thenTHEY LOVED ITWe could feel your support and sweetness. We will keep forward :)Thank you!

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