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  • 16. FAU branch in China in YUNJI exhibition 이경아/최민주 / 2019-01-23 Hello!We are FAU CO., LTD. We hope you are doing well! FAU branch in China attended this exhibition hosted by YUNJIYUNJI is one of Chinese online shopping mall.Look! There were many visitors that interested in FAU! FAU showed Black Line products, such as Skin Solution, EGFEP.The most popular products were Skin Solution BB & Skin Solution Premium BB & EGFEP Line.We are so glad that they liked our product!! Thank youSKIN SOLUTION BB CREAM SOLUTION HOLIDAY BB CREAM EYE CREAM DERMA CARE BALM
  • 15. FAU Skin Solution Sun Cream & Sun Essence 이경아/최민주 / 2019-01-15 Hello!!This is FAU CO., LTD.FAU Skin Solution Sun Essence & Sun Cream got issued on Cos'in & News no.1 As we mentioned, Both are amazing news & megazine platform in Korea. "FAU Skin Solution Sunscreen products are getting popular for 4 seasons""For 4 seasons sunscreen, you can choose what you want!"Nowadays Korean people wear Sunscreen, not only going to the beach but also anytime.Because the main cause of wrinkles are UV-rays and there has nothing to do with seasons.  So, you should protect your skin from UV B & UV A with FAU sunscreen products!If you would like not only to care about your skin from them but also to manage the skin to be a tone up, brightening, etcIt will be better, if you wear this every few hours for your skin. Thank you for visiting our website again :)If you would like to get more information about the products, please visit here.Sun Essence Cream
  • 14. FAU EGFEP First Essence Oxyjector got issued on Ilgantoay 이경아/최민주 / 2019-01-08 Hello!Happy New Year !!! :)I hope that all your business is going well in this year.Ilgantoday, one of our main news magazine in Korea, issued FAU EGFEP First Essence Oxyjector! It said that 'Since fine dust & freezing temperature influences on the skin, it supplies oxygen to the skin. it sprays as a mist spray, oxygen & nutrients gets into the skin continuously.The special container filled with fermentated essence and oxygen is that you can take expensive oxygen therpy only in Aesthetic shops but now you just can bring and go with it anywhere. It also contains fermentated composition and peptide as well which helps skin moisture and damaged skin. Thank you!
  • 13. FAU SKIN SOLUTION BB COS'IN 2018 BEST SELLER 이경아/최민주 / 2018-12-28 FAU SKIN SOLUTION BB COS'IN 2018 BEST SELLERFOR 2 YEARS CONTINUOUSLY!FAU SKIN SOLUTION BB which is one of our main products got chosen as Best Seller in COS'IN!!COS'IN is Cosmetic media that supplys Beuaty industry B2B and B2B information in order to jump up to Global K-Beauty industryand cosmetic industry is one of top 5 export product in Korea through which is Cosmetic, Beauty News course and Fragrance Journal Korea which is cosmetic research and development.Thank you for loving us!
  • 12. FAU SKIN SOLUTION BB WAS ISSUED ON NEWS 1 KOREA 이경아/최민주 / 2018-12-27 Hello~!We are FAU CO., LTD.FAU Skin Solution BB was issued on News1 Korea. News 1 Korea journal is well known in Korea!The subject was FAU Skin Solution BB was selected on 2018 Seoul Award as Innovative Brand!!We are so glad that our product is issued on the famous Korea news journal. We would like to reward for the good quality of product! :)  Thank you for having an interest of us and supporting us.
  • 11. FAU CEO Mihwa Choi got appointed as Chairman in 2019 KBDA 이경아/최민주 / 2018-12-27 KBDA is an association to contribute to Korea beauty industry such as KASF 2018 competition.FAU helped KASF 2018 in this year, therefore, they gave us appreciation plague. Also, FAU CEO Miwha Choi got appointed as Chairman in KBDA 2019Thus, We are going to participate in many activites of KBDA. Thank you for supporting.
  • 10. FAU Skin Solution BB got chosen by 2018 Seoul Award 이경아/최민주 / 2018-12-24 Hello! We got a great news today! FAU SKIN SOLUTION BB which is one of our best products won the prize in 2018 Seoul Award!!!!Seoul Award is for introducing good quality with excellent design of products in Seoul.The specialists of each departments evaluates many products. Thankfully, FAU BB was chosen!!Ta da! Look at the Certification! We are so glad that our product got awarded! Thank you for supporting FAU We will keep trying more and more :)Thank you!
  • 9. FAU UBUNTU AESTETIC DONATION AFRICA 148TH WELL OF LIFE 이경아/최민주 / 2018-12-21 Ubuntu is Charity of Aesthetic & Spa workers. It is said that they completed 148th well in Africa. As we said on other post, we also donate and send our products every month through UBUNTU.and then thankfully our donation is also used for digging the well in Africa. As a company, FAU will pay attention to the social issue and contribute to making a good donation culture. Thank you.  
  • 8. COSIN NEWS FAU IN CEBU 이경아/최민주 / 2018-12-21 HelloWe are FAU CO., LTD.We are in our workshop in Cebu, Philippines!and then it was issued in COSIN which is Cosmetic Insight Media in Korea. Our company support Cebu Workshop for us who were working hard in 2018!It was the charging time for 2019 and keeping forward! GO FAU! Be fun, excited and abroad! Thank you!
  • 7. FAU received appreciation plague! 이경아/최민주 / 2018-11-29 FAU visited to multicultural family care center yesterday.On that day, An event took place!Multicultural family completed all Korean classes, so they received certification.Congratulations~!Tada~We recieved appreciation plague!Actually, FAU has been taking part in various donation with our products.We are always trying for the best and create something amazing. Thank you for supporting and loving us.
  • 6. The signature magazine_November 2018 issue_ FAU SKIN SOLUTION WATER CREAM 이경아/최민주 / 2018-11-26 SKIN SOLUTION WATER CREAMThe signature magazine! November 2018 issue The contents of The signature magazine uploaded on NAVER Blog that is Korean searching engine like google.It's water cream of a good quality without using purified water!This is snail healing cream for repaired and dry skin, filled with Centella Asiatica.The fatal micro dust and air pollution influence on your skin.So it's time to protect your skin from them with FAU SKIN SOLUTION WATER CREAM!  
  • 5. The signature magazine_November 2018 issue FAU EGFEP DERMA CARE BALM 이경아/최민주 / 2018-11-23 FAU EGFEP DERMA CARE BALM was issued onThe signature magazine November issue.How can desert island people keep moisturizing?It is the very FAU EGFEP DRMA CARE BALM which maintains moisture and be shiny moisture skin It is a stick type, so convenient.Therefore you can use it anywhere!It's time to stop using sticky and flowing products.You don't have to use hand to be dirty, Just apply it smoothly!Then it supplys moisture simply!It's available to care any parts on the body for the dry skin.Care with the FAU EGFEP DERMA CARE BALM for having the healthy skin, supplying essential nutrients that the skin needs such as peptide and amino acids!Thank you.

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